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SynthAsia wishes to promote genuine Health through nutrition, lifestyle, and medicine from its Asian routes and with many elements of its Eastern and Chinese philosophy in Asia and Worldwide. We believe in the fundamental concepts at the heart of Chinese thinking, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in their original sense and as pillars of a healthy life within a healthy society.

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Synth Asia healthcare


The company dedicates to registering and scientifically market quality Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products for the Chinese medical community and patients. In the past ten years, our SYNTHASIA team has successfully established a core position in the Chinese market, especially with varying Phytopharmaceuticals.

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Synth Asia healthy living


SAMSAM team strives to discover MAGIC PLACES around the world on our journey to have creative architect partners design MAGIC SPACES that embrace the natural environment, promote our innovative hospitality concepts, and combine them with art and some Eastern philosophy spice fragments. No better place to (re)discover your inner dialogues.

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Synth Asia Social responsibility and charity


We take the initiative to propose solutions for sustainable food supply and individual food independence. We believe that healthy nutrition is one of the very core elements of a healthy body and mind. Our YOW team is proud to apply the highest quality standard when producing or processing food in any context and culture.

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Synth Asia social responsibility


We do believe in society improvement on a personalized level through responsible action by small enterprises rather than large corporations. In our foundations we do focus on providing academic opportunities through scholarships and coaching programs by our teams of Asian and African Academics.

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Synth Asia China


SynthAsia China Limited
Office 30F, BM Tower
218 Wu Song Rd, Hongkou District

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